BNews Weekly is produced by the BCAT staff. However the production wouldn’t be possible without a core of professional and dedicated volunteers who are a part of the BNews Weekly team.

News Team


Richard Hosford

Richard has over six years in community news and has experience covering local politics, crime, events and features. He began his career at a weekly newspaper before becoming a daily reporter. Before joining the BNEWS team he was an editor with Burlington Patch. Rich is interested in photography, loves working in news, and is excited to expand into the arena of televised news coverage. Rich has a master’s degree in Journalism and Public Policy from Northeastern University.


Phil Gallagher, Lead News Anchor

Phil Gallagher has served over 15 years as the BNEWS anchor. Phil has 35 years experience in public access programming covering issues of local, state and national interest. His previous productions have included Issues in Burlington, Topics, Editor’s Roundtable, Live Election Night Coverage and numerous local sports and public interest events.


Peter Brown, BCAT Accu Weatherman

Peter Brown, a lifelong resident of the Boston area, has had a passion for weather ever since he was five years old and saw the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. He’s been fascinated ever since and has followed blizzards, hurricanes and other weather phenomena in southern New England. Peter received a BA in Chemistry from Boston University in 2004 and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in 2010. He is a full member of the American Meteorological Society and has attended several meetings of the annual Southern New England Weather Conference.


Marge McDonald, Senior News Segment

Marge is the director of Burlington’s Council on Aging. She has been producing and hosting the Senior News segment for BCAT for over 5 years. Be sure to catch Marge’s segment the first of every month for important updates and events relating to seniors in the community.