May 30 2014

BHS Set to Audit Student Clubs

By: BNEWS Weekly

Following a motion and second on a financial stipend for a new biotech club at the high school, longtime School Committee member Steve Nelson questioned stipend requests after the budget has been set.  The biotech club stipend request was for $500 in 2015 and $750 in 2016. 


Mr. Nelson suggested handling club stipend requests like policy; with a first reading, second reading and a vote.  The motion was withdrawn and the board agreed to treat the biotech request as a first reading to be reviewed.  From that School Committee member Christine Monaco suggested an audit be conducted of the all the BHS clubs including participation and stipends. 


Superintendent Dr. Eric Conti informed the board that clubs ebb and flow depending on student interest and went on to request a stipend for a BHS Playlist club and an A Cappella/glee club.  All three requests will have second readings before being voted on.

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