November 17 2014

BHS Sophomores Scoring Well on MCAS

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Patrick Larkin recently gave the School Committee an update on MCAS scores among Burlington High 10th Graders. 


Larkin said that in 2014, the sophomores stayed the same as they did in 2013 with 98 percent of students reaching proficient or advanced in the English Language portion of the test. Out of 283 public schools that tested 10th graders, BHS was one of 28 that scored 98 percent in advanced or proficient. 


Larkin said the administration was happy with that result. 


In math, the sophomores scored with 90 percent in the proficient or advanced category, down from 92 percent in 2013. Still, Larkin said the district has been very consistent in its math scores and is between 20 and 30 percent above the state average. 


Larkin and Superintendent Eric Conti said the district will continue to focus on student growth in all categories and will try new programs to help students achieve higher test scores. 

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