May 25 2016

Burlington Transit Fares to Increase on July 1

By: Rich Hosford

The fares for Burlington Public Transit are going up. 


On Monday the Board of Selectmen voted 4-0-0 to increase the fare from $2.50 to $3 starting on July 1st. 


The reason for the fare hike is due to changing prices at the MBTA. That agency is increasing the fare for The Ride, the door-to-door service offered to handicapped passengers, and due to a rule that says The Ride fare cannot be more than twice the cost of a regular fare, the town needed to increase what it charged passengers. On July 1 the cost of The Ride will be $5.25. 


Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez, who spoke to the board about the need for the fare hike, said he knows that with The Ride priced at that point, Burlington could have raised its fare to $2.65 but said the MBTA has already announced another price increase in two years. 


He also said the price increase does not affect passengers who have passes. 

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