March 28 2014

Bylaw Drafted for Marijuana Dispensaries

By: BNEWS Weekly

The Planning staff says they have a zoning bylaw drafted for an RMD, or Registered Marijuana Dispensary here in Burlington.  Senior Planner Don Benjamin has been leading discussions on the matter in past months and informed the board that they have crafted a zoning bylaw they believe will be accepted by May Town Meeting.  Staff believes they’ve struck a balance between restricted areas under state law like a restrictions around residential areas, places where children congregate and adding places of worship to the list. 


In compliance with the RMD mandate the bylaw leaves ample room for a marijuana dispensary.  Areas of town set to be RMD zoned are Middlesex Turnpike, the vicinity of Lahey Hospital, Corporate Center Office Park, Cambridge Street and Wheeler, Blanchard and Meadow Roads.  The board agreed to send a letter to the Selectmen and Board of Health regarding creating back ground checks for RMD operators

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