July 27 2016

DPW Responds to Number of Water Main Breaks, Leaks

By: Rich Hosford

Members of the Burlington Department of Public Works have been busy this week. 


DPW Director John Sanchez said that two water main breaks in as many days have kept crews working around the clock. 


The first break was on Winmere Avenue late Monday night. Work to repair that went through the night and then on Tuesday was a water leak on Winn Street. That was followed by another main break in the area of Winn Street and Peach Orchard Road on Tuesday night which required another overnight to fix, Sanchez said. 


Sanchez said some residents have asked if the main breaks were in anyway connected to the watering ban. He said they are not. 


“It has nothing to do with that,” he said. “The water ban reduces the amount people are consuming but the pressure in system is no different than what it would be without it. There is always the same pressure no matter how much water is being used.” 


He did say that the second break may have been caused by the first, however. When a main breaks a lot of water is released at a high velocity, he said, and that can change the pressure in the pipes and cause disruptions in other places along the system. 


“One break can lead to others,” he said. 


Sanchez also took the opportunity to remind residents to abide by the one day a week watering ban. He said his department has been busy ensuring compliance and so far has written about 300 warnings. A second violation will bring a $50 citation and a third a $100 ticket. The fines are also issued for each day of illegal watering. 


He also said that the many people complying with the restriction have helped the town’s water supply. 

“I want to thank the people who have helped reduce consumption in town,” he said. “We’re doing much better than we were just a week ago. That’s very important, especially in such hot weather.” 

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