May 4 2016

Female Students Learn Leadership Skills at Talk by Nationally-Known Presenter


A large group of female Burlington High School students got some advice on leadership, self-esteem and developing greater self-worth during a recent program. 

“Deb Hult, a nationally recognized presenter delivered a powerful and dynamic workshop to over forty young women at BHS inclusive of interactive, hands-on group activities, helping them to identify their leadership skills!” Principal Mark Sullivan said in a blog post. 

The students were empowered to learn and understand the ‘pay it forward’ mindset that reinforced collaboration and service to others as an effective tool of leadership. The workshop focused on building self-esteem, recognizing and celebrating their individual self-worth while promoting character through the power of nice!

“The workshop focused on developing women of character who are now ready to strengthen our school and community,” Sullivan said. “The activities stressed the importance of building relationships while creating a platform of understanding in an effort to reduce potential conflicts. Fostering self-esteem and helping our students recognize their self-worth while encouraging their development and promotion of their hidden talent.”

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