November 18 2014

Fire Department Adds Two New Members

By: Rich Hosford

The Board of Selectmen approved the appointment of two new firefighters to the Fire Department’s Permanent Intermittent List during the meeting Monday night. 


Fire Chief Steve Yetman and Assistant Chief Michael Patterson addressed the board concerning the new hires. Yetman said the department is anticipating vacancies and asked and receive permission to put two applicants on the list. They then requested a list of individuals from the Civil Service and were given the names of nine applicants, four of which showed they were interested. 


Yetmans and Patterson then conducted pre-employment interviews with HR Director Joanne Faust and a representative from the Firefighters Union, did background investigations on the applicants as well as background interviews. 


“Based on all the criteria I receive recommendations,” Yetman said. “These candidates are those recommended individuals.” 

The two new hires are Brandon Gonzales and Tyler Falconer. 


Gonzales is currently a Burlington resident and a corrections officer at MCI-Concord, a job he has had for three years. He is a member of the statewide Special Operations Tactical Response Team and an active Coast Guard Reservist based out of Cape Cod. He has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is a Registered EMT. 


Falconer was born and raised in Burlington and was a member of the BHS Class of 2010. He served in the United States Navy and was honorably discharged last month. In 2012 he received Junior Sailor of the Quarter as well as Junior Sailor of the Year. 


Yetman said that though the two are currently on the Permanent Intermittent List, meaning they are not full time, they will be up for consideration for full time when vacancies arise. 



Newly hired firefighters Brandon Gonzalez and Tyler Falconer pose with Assistant Chief Michael Patterson and Chief Seven Yetman

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