June 20 2014

Gaffney Appointed to Planning Board

By: BNEWS Weekly

There was a new face on the Planning Board this week.  Longtime Planning Board member Ann Cumming resigned from the board in May.  William Gaffney, who has served on the Board of Appeals for some time was selected in a joint meeting of the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board. 


During the interview process four candidate were asked questions form board members during which Mr. Gaffney explained that be believes the Planning Board revolves around a strategy emphasizing the long-term benefits to business and residents.  The voting rules say that the candidate who garners six votes first wins the seat.  Voting went for a few rounds before a Mr. Gaffney received the required six votes, earning the vacant seat. 


William Gaffney will serve on the Planning Board until the next town election in April 2015.

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