Interfaith Clergy Council holds Vigil for Orlando Victims

The Burlington Interfaith Clergy Council and State Representative Ken Gordon along with residents of Burlington and local communities gathered this past Fathers Day Sunday on the Burlington Common in vigil of the 49 victims of the tragic nightclub shooting in Orlando.


Representative Gordon stated, "Burlington families took time out of their Father's Day plans to come together at the town common and demonstrate that we stand as one against all forms of violence against all victims.  Burlington will stand up for the principle of liberty and justice for all, and in this town, all means all.  It includes members of the LGBT community and it will not blame a religion for the actions of a few. It is time for our government leaders to listen to each other. We may not all agree on the answer but we all agree on the question.  The question is how to stop this senseless violence right now.  The only way we will get to an answer is to sit down and talk, and when we do to listen.  A willingness to learn and consider another point of view is not an admission. It's a sign of wisdom."

Turnout was good with those in attendance grieving the innocent lives lost in this senseless and unprovoked attack. During the observance the names of each vidtim was read aloud. The shooting resulted in 49 deaths and 53 injuries and was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.


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