Kindergarten Enrollment Growing Eric Conti

 September 5 2014

Kindergarten Enrollment Growing

By: BNEWS Weekly









Burlington Schools Superintendent Eric Conti recently informed the School Committee that the enrollment levels in the town’s kindergarten and English language learner – or, ELL – classes are increasing to the point where it would force a redistricting of the four elementary schools. Dr. Conti’s chief concern was at the Memorial School, where kindergarten classes are averaging 20 students, which is closing in on the school’s maximum classroom capacity of 23. He also acknowledged that recent residential developments in the Muller Road area of town might be the reason Memorial Elementary’s enrollment levels are so high. Memorial currently has 4 kindergarten classes, while Francis Wyman Elementary has 5, Pine Glen has 3, and Fox Hill has 3, but could accommodate a fourth. On the ELL side of things, Dr. Conti stated that roughly 50 percent of new students at Memorial and Francis Wyman are screened for second language services, and that some of the ELL staff might need to be maneuvered to better serve the students. An update on the enrollment levels will take place at the next School Committee meeting.

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