January 17 2014

Lahey Hospital Plans to Expand ER

By: BNEWS Weekly

Lahey Hospital here in Burlington is presenting plans to expand its Emergency Room.  The proposed plan is for a 45,100 square foot ER with a helipad on the roof, 36 treatment bays, and 4 trauma and observational rooms.  The expansion will also have a foundation able to support a future Radiation Oncology Department. 


Plans for the Lahey ER expansion require the approval of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Office of Determination of Needs.  The proposal allows for input from any 10 tax payers in Massachusetts for a public hearing of the application process, for approvals or disapprovals. 


Individuals who would like to apply to be part of the Lahey ER expansion approval process must contact the Dept. of Public Health, Determination of Needs in writing at 99 Chauncy Street, Boston, MA  02111.  The application can be inspected at the office of Metro Boston Regional Health at 5 Randolph Street, Canton, MA 02021. 


Individuals have until February 17th to examine the plans or 20 days from filing the application, whichever comes later.

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