March 21 2014

Mountain Lion Sighting Confirmed in Winchester

By: BNEWS Weekly

A Mountain Lion sighting in neighboring Winchester has been confirmed conclusively according to Winchester Police.  Experts determined a recently found paw print belongs to a Puma concolor, the scientific name for Mountain Lions.  Before now the last recorded mountain lion sighting in Massachusetts was in 1858. 


In February, a Winchester resident reported seeing a mountain lion near Wright Locke Farm. 10 days later another sighting was reported to police who took a photo of a paw print which was sent to independent mountain lion organizations throughout the Unites States.  Experts from those organizations have conclusively found the paw print belongs to a mountain lion.  The Winchester Police Department is reminding residents to be mindful that a mountain lion may still be in the area. 


Mountain lions primarily hunt deer and rarely attack humans or pets.  However people are urged to bring pets in at night if they suspect a mountain lion is around.

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