May 16 2014

New Recycling Totes Ready for Distribution

By: BNEWS Weekly

Beginning May 19th the town, through a contractor, will be delivering 65 Gallon Automated Wheeled Recycling Totes to residents.  The new barrels will be used for single-stream recycling starting the week of June 1st.  Please store the Wheeled Recycling Toter until that time and continue to use your old recycling bins.  Automated Recycling collection will continue to be weekly.


Please note that the town will not be picking up the old green recycle bins and residents are encouraged to use them as they like around their home or yard.  The new Wheeled Totes are funded in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new Wheeled Recycling Tote barrels please contact the DPW at 781-270-1671.

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