June 6 2014

New Start Times for Elementary Schools Next Year

By: BNEWS Weekly

The School Administration recently informed the School Committee that the busing schedule will alter the start and dismissal times at Francis Wyman and Pine Glen Elementary schools. 


Having finalized the contract with A&F Bus Company, it was determined that the best way to prevent late pick-ups at the high school is to have Francis Wyman begin the school day at 8:10am, 20 minutes earlier than they do now and have Pine Glen start at 8:25am, 25 minutes later than currently.  The new start times will begin on the first day of school on September 2nd


Superintendent Dr. Eric Conti informed the board that tweaking the times is the most efficient way to schedule the amount of busses allocated by the contract.  Dr. Conti also noted that they will see how the new schedule works out for the first few weeks and make adjustments as needed.  No vote was needed on the matter.

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