June 6 2014

Repairs and Expansion for Sewers Coming

By: BNEWS Weekly

Town Meeting recently passed a $950,000 initiative to fund repairs to a sewer line shared with Woburn.  DPW Director John Sanchez informed the assembly that the money would come from the town’s Sewer Service Enterprise Fund, which is funded by developers every time something is built in Burlington. 


Burlington’s sewer capacity is in need of expansion with the development of areas like Northwest Park and New England Executive Park.  Sewers and additional capacity forecasted in anticipation of all Planned Development District build outs.   Mr. Sanchez went on to explain that repairing the damaged line was the best solution agreed upon by the Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs, the Massachusetts Ways & Means Chair and the Burlington DPW. 


The article passed by a 53-31 vote.

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