March 7 2014

Selectmen Approve Community Task Force

By: BNEWS Weekly

The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a Community Task Force for organizing town resources and support in case of emergency.  Town Administrator John Petrin stated the formation of the task force is a direct result of the aftermath of the fire at the Lord Baron apartments last October.  The Lord Baron fire displaced several families over a period of time straining the finances and resources of People Helping People and other town entities. 


Part of the task force’s duties will be to make recommendations to the Selectmen and community groups where extra focus and/or attention may be needed in any area of town services.  Mr. Petrin noted that Town Meeting passed a resolution requesting this initiative be undertaken, but he stated the language pertaining to the creation of the task force was created before Town Meeting made its resolution last month.


Mr. Petrin stressed that the Community Task Force the responsibility of the community not the town.  That being said there are several town officials on the task force and they are as follows:


Selectman Chair Bob Hogan

Ways & Means Vice Chair Tom Killilea

Board of Health Chair Dr. Wayne Saltsman

Town Administrator Petrin

School Superintendent Dr. Eric Conti

Fire Chief Steve Yetman

Police Chief Michael Kent

Burlington Community Life Center Director Christine Shruhan

Council on Aging Director Marge MacDonald

Board of Health Director Susan Lumenello

People Helping People Director Valerie Healy

HELPIS representative Joyce Deliyiannis

Interfaith Clergy representatives Rabbi Susan Abramson and Rev. John DeBeer

Burlington Chamber of Commerce President Jim Murphy

Town Meeting Human Services Committee members Cindy Phillips and Joanne Faust


Local resident Ray Santilli will chair the Task Force Committee. 

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