April 25 2014

Selectmen Support 24-Hour Retail Bylaw

By: BNEWS Weekly

The Board of Selectmen have unanimously voted to support a revised 24-hour retail bylaw at May Town Meeting.  Retail establishments throughout Burlington have made moves to stay open for 24-hours and the town has no policy or bylaw regarding this and no guideline for public safety for it.  Town Administrator John Petrin called Burlington a city by day and town by night and stated this new bylaw sets conditions for businesses wishing to operate between midnight and 7am. 


Under the bylaw each business will need to apply for a special permit to apply for a license to remain open.  Applicants will need to give 90 days notice before applying and if needed police details will be funded by the business.  Police Chief Michael Kent agrees with the bylaw stating it’s good to have a measure in place as the 24-hour licenses will most likely increase during the holidays. 


Mr. Petrin affirmed the final decision to grant a 24-hour license will be at the Select Board’s discretion.  It was also noted that 24-hour convenience stores and gas stations are already covered by a separate bylaw.

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