October 23 2014

Selectmen to Hold Hearing for Five Restaurants That Failed Alcohol Compliance Sting

By: Rich Hosford

Five Burlington restaurants will be in front of the Board of Selectmen on Monday for alcohol license violations. 


During a special meeting on Wednesday, October 22, Town Administrator John Petrin informed the board that the restaurants failed a recent compliance check by the Burlington Police Department, selling alcohol to an under aged person. 


According to the meeting agenda, the restaurants that failed the check are The Bancroft, Besito Mexican Restaurant, Burtons Grill, Hilton Garden Inn and Seasons 52. 


According to Burlington’s liquor regulations, any dining establishment that violates the law regarding to selling to a minor will have its liquor license suspended for one day on the first Monday following enforcement by the License Authority. If the same establishment has a second violation within a three-year period, the license will be suspended for three days. A third violation within three years would mean a five-day suspension and if the business violates the law four times in that period it loses its right to sell alcohol for 10 days. 


Petrin and members of the board voiced displeasure that so many restaurants failed the compliance check, and that three of them are new or relatively new establishments. Petrin suggested the board may want to take a look at the regulations and perhaps make the penalty more severe. He suggested perhaps suspended the license on a Saturday or another high-traffic day for a first violation. 


The hearing is scheduled to begin at 7:45 p.m. at the meeting on Monday, October 27. The meeting will be held in the main hearing room at Town Hall. 

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