October 31 2020

St. Malachy's Celebrating 50th Anniversary

In 1958, the archbishop foresaw the need for even more church seating capacity in St. Margaret’s Catholic parish and decided that in order to make this possible, the parish must split in two.  At the time, it was a difficult decision because St. Margaret's was counting on all the parishioners it had to help pay off the debt for its newly-built church.  The archbishop directed the pastor to start scouting for some land on which to build a second church in Burlington.


The search focused on the western part of town and found the land on which Saint Malachy Church stands today.  St. Malachy officially opened its doors on June 30th 1964 and this year is celebrating its 50th Anniversary Jubilee.  BNEWS Reporter Mike Duval met Father John Capuci about the milestone for the St. Malachy Parish:

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