June 27 2014

Standardized Testing Changes

Burlington, along with many other school districts throughout the Commonwealth are facing the choice of using the MCAS or the new PARCC system for student standardized testing for the 2014-2015 school year.  Initially the state was going to charge district superintendents with the decision however it has been decided a superintendent recommendation and School Committee vote would be more prudent.  The PARCC test is aligned with the new core curriculum being implemented from the federal level.  This past year Burlington students participated in the digital version of the PARCC test and helped the stat in their analysis of PARCC which is set to replace MCAS in 2016.  Superintendent Conti recommended using PARCC for the grades 3 thru 8, deferring the PARCC recommendation for grades 9-11 because the state has yet to establish PARCC requirements to get a diploma.  Dr. Conti recommends Burlington not participate in any PARCC testing at the high school level until the standards of graduation are set.  The School Committee concurred with that assessment.

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