May 16 2014

Town Meeting Approves Fox Hill Renovations

By: BNEWS Weekly

The most expensive and contested capital project was submitted by the School Department, which was $655,200 for a complete replacement of the original 40 year old roof at Fox Hill Elementary School.  The roof has issues with seams, leaks and the overall rubber membrane. 


Town Meeting members wanted confirmation that Fox Hill Elementary Schools is structurally sound enough for the costly investment.  School Superintendent Dr. Eric Conti stated the project is part of the 10-year capital plan for school buildings and Fox Hill has been evaluated as structurally sound for the project. 


The roof replacement isn’t the only project the School Department is looking to get done at Fox Hill as there was discussion on replacing a boiler at the school for $225,000.  Like the roof, the boiler is a 40 year old original.  The school has two working boilers, including the one in question that is breaking down, both need to work in unison to handle the workload of an entire school building.

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