February 7 2014

Town Meeting Approves New Solicitor Bylaws

By: BNEWS Weekly

Town Meeting voted to overwhelmingly approve two new bylaws for regulating solicitors, door-to-door sales and canvassers. 


The first bylaw called the “Door-to-Door Solicitation & Canvassing Bylaw” is a measure that stems from police receiving an abundance of complaints regarding harassment by door-to-door solicitors.  According to Police Chief Michael Kent the new statute will require door-to-door solicitors to register with the police 14 days prior with the names and addresses of organizations all individuals involved.  Following the registration process solicitors will need to wear an identification card generated by the town. 


The second bylaw is the “Civil Fingerprinting Bylaw” that allows police to do a fingerprint criminal check for those applying for specific licenses in town.  This bylaw is not limited to solicitors by is for pawn dealers, hackney drivers and mobile food vendors including ice cream trucks.  Due to Constitutional constraints the bylaw does not pertain to individuals attempting to collect money at traffic lights or along median strips in town.

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