April 16 2019

Burlington Residents Completed the 2019 Boston Marathon

By: Robert Parris


Some rain, heavy at times, didn’t stop runners as they trekked the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to the finish line on Boylston Street during Boston’s Annual Patriots’ Day Marathon on Monday, April 15.

A number of Burlington residents competed with athletes from around the globe in the historic race that dates back to 1897.

In total, 14 residents from Burlington completed the 2019 Boston Marathon this year. According to the Boston Athletic Association’s website the Burlington runners finished within three to six hours.


Here are the Burlington runners and their times:


- Erin Rielly, 25, finished in 3:18:20

- Luke Harmeling, 29, finished in 3:29:10

- Andrew Merlino, 55, finished in 3:45:29

- Mary Emerson, 45, finished in 3:47:27

-Tanishq Bhalla, 25, finished in 4:0:17

-Maria Gonzalez 48, finished in 4:8:15

-Rafe Maxwell, 55, finished in 4:10:43

-Paul Mansfield, 43, finished in 4:14:22

-Ryan Fine, 44, finished in 4:26:43

-Daniel O’Brien, 33, finished in 4:40:38

-Colby Davenport, 34, finished in 4:53:28

-Ellen Mahoney, 35, finished in 5:28:31

-Sal Mirabella Jr., 42, finished in 5:41:33

-Christyl Skelton, 26, finished in 5:44:39

As many of the runners do, one of the Burlington residents ran for a charity and to raise money for a special cause near and dear to his heart. Paul Mansfield, whose son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of four, was running to help find a cure.

“The experience was great,” Mansfield said. “I ran for Team Joslin and having the support of family, friends, teammates, and all those at Joslin Diabetes Center behind me were a great motivator for race cay.”

Finally, Mansfield, like all the runners, said the experience is something he will remember for the rest of his life.   

“Stopping to visit with my family at the Team Joslin station at Mile 15 will be a cherished memory and seeing all the fans come out to support us was greatly appreciated,” he said.

Congratulations to all the participants in the 2019 Boston Marathon.



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