October 9 2018

Burlington Educator Named Chair of National Science Teacher Conference


A Burlington educator has been named to the top spot of a national educators conference.

Burlington Public Schools announced on social media that Sean Musselman of the Burlington Science Center has been appointed chairman of the 2020 National Science Teachers Association conference.

Musselman, who works with Burlington students in kindergarten through grade 12 at the Burlington Science Center, was recently named chairman of the professional development conference where educators focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education teaching, the release states. The conference provides educators from across the country the opportunity to learn the latest in teaching strategies, science content, and research.

The School Department’s post says that when he received word he was selected as chairman, Musselman said he was “honored and excited” to be chosen for the role that includes planning a theme of the upcoming conference, happening in Boston. He said he has always seen his involvement with the NSTA as something that “filters back to BPS,” whether through curating resources for the district, being part of the “new science teacher academy” through the association in years past, or working on “next generation science standards,” such as the new science units being rolled out in Burlington 4th-grade classrooms.

Musselman said he hopes his role will further allow him to advocate for Burlington Public Schools teachers, and work collaboratively with great educational leaders from across the country to bring back best practices to Burlington, a community he loves to serve through the education of science.

“Working here is a joy, it’s clear the community understands the importance of science … what we do here is appreciated and valued, and I like to keep our community happy and excited about what’s happening in science education in our schools,” he said.

Musselman said he wants to inspire students’ interest in science just as science inspired him in his formative years.

“Science has been a part of my life growing up,” Musselman said.

Musselman said in serving on the NSTA conference committee, and volunteering with the NSTA over the years in different capacities, he believes it allows him to better serve the local Burlington community, Massachusetts as a whole, and the U.S. by improving science education in schools, the release states.


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