October 9 2018

Burlington Red Devils Continue the 2018 Season with a 4-1 Record

By: Robert Parris

The Burlington Red Devils continue to dominate this season and showed what they could do with an electrifying win over Wakefield at Landrigan Field on Friday night.

Head Coach Dan Mackay was very pleased with the team’s performance both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

“Our young men played very well,” he said. “We felt like we could run the ball against Wakefield and that is what we did.”

Running back Jake Doherty showed some speed on the ground for the Red Devils as he rushed over 200 yards during the game.

“Our running back rushed for 269 yards on 28 carries with four rushing touchdowns against the warriors,” Mackay said.

During last week’s practice, the focus for Coach Mackay’s team was three main fundamentals: Blocking, catching and tackling.

“We always practice our fundamentals skills on offense and defense, offense it is blocking and catching and on defense it is tackling,” he said. “From there we implement the skills that are necessary to execute our game plan and make sure our student-athletes get multiple reps of what we will be running that week.”

As for a playoff berth, Coach Mackay said the game against Wakefield might have given them a spot, but he is still unsure at this time. He the team is not thinking about the playoffs at the moment but instead are focusing on one game at a time.

Finally, Coach Mackay and the team will be out on the field this week to practice as usual and are continuing to increase their skills on offense, defense and special teams.He said special teams will be very important this week as the Wilmington Wildcats have done a good job in that area.

The Burlington Red Devils, now 4-1, are facing the 3-2 Wilmington Wildcats at home on Varsity Field this Friday night. The Wildcats are coming off a big win against the Watertown Red Raiders.


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