May 21 2019

Burlington DPW Honored with Proclamation by Selectmen

By: Rich Hosford

Members of Burlington’s Department of Public Works were honored at Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting as they recognized the hard work of the men and women of the department and declared this week to be “National Public Works Week.”

Selectmen Nick Priest read a proclamation that stated:

“Whereas, public works services proved in our community are an integral part of our citizens’ everyday lives: and

Whereas, the support of an understanding and informed citizenry is vital to the efficient operation of public works systems and programs such as water, sewers, street and highways, buildings, cemeteries, transportation and solid waste collection; and


Whereas, the health, safety and comfort of this community greatly depends on these facilities and services; and


Whereas, the quality and effectiveness of these facilities, as well as their planning, design and construction is vitally dependent upon the efforts and skill of public works employees; and


Whereas, the efficiency of the qualified and dedicated personnel who staff public works departments is materially influenced by the people's attitude and understanding of the importance of the work they perform,


Now, therefore, we the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Burlington, do hereby proclaim this week of May 19-25 as "National Public Works Week" in the Town of Burlington, and we call upon all citizens and civic organizations to acquaint themselves with the issues involved in providing our public works and to recognize the contributions which public works employees make every day to our health, safety, comfort and quality of life.”


After the proclamation was read every member of the board and Town Administrator Paul Sagarino praised the gathered town employees on their hard work for the town. Hard work, they say, that often goes unseen by the public.


“Folks don’t really know what you men and women do on a daily basis,” Selectman Mike Runyan said. “You are out there day and night and sometimes in less than ideal conditions - I’ve seen some of you waste deep in water in January until the job gets done. Those are the things that the public doesn’t see. I think this is a great opportunity to have you and point out some of those things you do day in and day out.”


“People don’t always know what you do, It’s 24/7,” Selectman Jim Tigges said. “You are part of public service and public safety and I hope people appreciate you as much as we do.”


“Being out of the limelight like you are you drive around town and people don’t realize what you do every day but then when there’s an emergency such as snow on Christmas you are out there working,” Board Chairman Joe Morandi said. “I want to thank you guys for the job you do that is totally unheard of all day long. People only hear about it when things go wrong and then people complain but everything works out fine because of the great things you do.”




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