March 7 2019

Gas Pipeline Company to Clear Trees in Area of Terrace Hall Avenue and Blanchard Road

By: Rich Hosford

Residents in the area of Terrace Hall Avenue and Blanchard Road will notice some tree cutting in coming days.


Burlington’s Department of Public Works posted a message to the town’s website last week saying that the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company will be doing work in that area in the weeks ahead.


“Tennessee Gas will be doing tree trimming on their easement that runs north to south  across Terrace Hall, the Vine Brook aquifer and ending at Blanchard Road in the next few weeks,” the DPW said in the online posting.


According to a letter from the gas company to DPW Director John Sanchez, the cutting is necessary to allow for aerial observation of the gas pipeline that runs through that section of town. Tennessee Gas uses helicopters and small planes to keep an eye on the pipeline and so needs to remove trees that obstruct their view from the sky.


“This patrol program is designed to observe surface conditions along and adjacent to the pipeline for indications of leaks, third party construction activity and other factors affecting safety and operation,” the letter explains. “Overgrowth on the easement precludes view of the ground within the immediate vicinity of the pipeline and to a large extent, limits the effectiveness of the surveillance of our facilities.”


The company added that vegetative growth itself can be damaging to the pipeline.


“The presence of trees over the pipeline or within the right of way can cause physical damage to the pipeline,” the letter states. “Roots can actually damage the coating on the pipeline which could jeopardize the integrity of the protective coating.”


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