May 28 2019

Security Scanner Company Looking to Move from Newton to Burlington

By: Rich Hosford

A technology company that makes instruments that allow law enforcement and security officials to scan vehicles and buildings to find contraband materials is looking to move its operation from Newton to Burlington.

According to a special permit application filed with the Burlington Planning Department, Viken Detection is looking to occupy the property located 21 North Avenue in North West Park.

“As previously discussed with your office, it is the intent of the applicant to improve the existing 30,000 square foot building and exterior site conditions to accommodate the relocation of their Newton facility to the premises,” the application reads.

Viken Detections, previously called Heuresis Corporation, creates portable imaging and analytical instruments that can be used by officials to detect illegal substances that are otherwise hidden.

“Viken Detection’s revolutionary HBI-120 Backscatter X-Ray Imager enables law enforcement and security professionals to perform narcotics interdiction and threat detection missions better, faster and more cost effectively,” its website says.

The devices allows them “to find contraband such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine oxycodone; currency; and explosives hidden in motor vehicle, airplanes and boat concealments, walls, ceilings, floors and furniture; in luggage and electronics and more.”

All of its products, the website says, are made in the United States.

The company is seeking to make some alterations of the site to allow them to test their equipment.

“The applicant is seeking authorization of minor exterior modifications to facilitate on-site beta testing of a new exterior detection system intended for vehicle scanning purposes,” the applications states. “This exterior system would be for testing purposes only and would not support any formal security or governmental operations on the premises.”

The application is scheduled to be before the Planning Board on June 6.


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