May 7 2020

Letter: Concerned Burlington Residents Call for Greater Safeguards for Elections

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


While we are grateful to the legislature for supporting efforts to safeguard our local elections in Massachusetts by passing legislation that allows those sheltering in place due to COVID-19 to cast absentee ballots by mail in elections held on or before June 30, 2020, it is not enough.  These are extraordinary times and they call for states to lead by acting courageously, swiftly and effectively to ensure that its citizens can exercise their right to vote without anxiety or fear of contracting or spreading this deadly virus. 


Democracy itself is on the ballot in November.  Voter turnout is essential in determining the highest office in the land.  Regardless of which candidate you support, our hope is that we can all agree that safeguarding our elections is of paramount importance. 


Medical experts cannot guarantee that COVID-19 will subside enough to safely vote in person.  In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that, “We will have coronavirus in the fall.”  This could suppress voter turnout in this critical election.


Since the stakes are so high, we ask that MA residents write, call or email Representative Ken Gordon and Senator Cindy Friedman to ask them to support and promote legislation that includes, but is not limited to, the following:


1. Allowing “no-excuse” absentee voting for both the September primary and the November general elections;


2. Extending the period for early in-person voting;


3. Allowing election day registration – since in-person registration is not possible while maintaining the appropriate physical distancing. Alternatively, at the very least, reduce the registration cut-off days from 20 to 10 days prior to the election.


4. Funding to train and protect poll workers;


5. Mandating that in-person voting take place with the appropriate social distancing and safety precautions;


6. Funding to ensure the security of our voting machines and allows for review and audit of ballots.


7. Allowing all voters to receive a ballot in the mail with a return prepaid envelope.


We are committed to supporting these measures so that our residents can cast their ballots without fear for their health and safety.  No American should have to face the choice that Wisconsin voters were forced to make between their franchise and their lives.  Please help us by contacting your Rep and Senator.  Thank you!



Phyllis Neufeld                                   

Roger Riggs

Barbara L’Heureux

Adam Senesi

Chris Campbell

Christine Monaco

Joanne Frustaci

Joanna Schlansky

Rob Schlansky

David Miller

Monte Pearson

Ernest Zabolotny

Wanda Zabolotny

Jack Kelly

Mimi Kelly

Rosalyn Minassian

Garine Minassian

Janice Cohen

Larry Cohen

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