February 6 2020

People Helping People Seeking Volunteers for Pantry Produce and Victory Garden


Burlington’s premier charity organization is in need of help from a couple of volunteers.

“People Helping People Food Pantry in Burlington is looking for some assistance,” a release from People Helping People says. “Over the years we have spent a lot of effort on improving the quality of food provided to families, which includes working with Farmer Dave’s CSA, the Boston Area Gleaners, the Greater Boston Food Bank and Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a local Food Rescue organization as well as starting our own garden, the Burlington Community Victory Garden. These relationships have helped us more than double the amount of food provided to families; the primary increase being the amount of fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables.”

Now the organization is looking for two individuals who love their fresh fruits and vegetables and are willing to help manage the Victory garden and fresh produce at the pantry. They hope to fill both positions as soon as possible: 


Produce Manager 

The pantry produce manager should be available most Mondays and Tuesdays from 10ish to about 12:30/1 p.m. The job entails helping receive deliveries, sorting, organizing, repackaging when necessary, rotating stock, and maximizing the storage capacity. The ideal candidate should be organized, able to identify a large variety of fruit and vegetables, and know how best to store many different kinds of produce.


Garden Manager 

The garden manager position is more seasonal, and the work can largely be done on a flexible schedule. The job entails managing communication between the master gardener, pantry staff, and Burlington Parks & Recreation. It includes recruiting, scheduling, and managing volunteers (individuals and groups), communicating what needs to be done in the garden, when, and making sure someone gets it done. The ideal candidate should be organized, have great communication skills, and have a love for locally grown fruits and vegetables. Some knowledge of gardening and use of social media is a plus. 

“We are already starting to recruit volunteers and schedule larger group events,” the release states. “The gardening itself will start, depending on weather, in mid-April to mid-May and generally runs through October.” 


If interested in either of these positions or have any questions about volunteering at the pantry or garden, contact Jane McIninch or Cheryl Barnes by phone at 781-270-6625 or by email at burlingtonpantry@gmail.com. For more information about People Helping People check out their website: peoplehelpingpeopleinc.org or find them on Facebook or check out Facebook for the Burlington Community Garden.


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