March 9 2020

Selectman Bob Hogan Says Recent Absences Due to ‘Major Heart Surgery’

By: Rich Hosford

Selectman Bob Hogan, who has been absent for the last couple of Board of Selectmen meetings, had a statement read by another member on the board to update the community on the reason he has been out. 


According to a notice read by Selectman Jim Tigges, Hogan had “major heart surgery and has been under strict doctor’s orders about his care.” 


Tigges said Hogan wants to thank everyone for reaching out with get-well cards and emails. He added that Hogan “has a new set of doctor visits coming up so he will know more about his ability to attend gatherings like selectmen meetings and other public gatherings over the next week or two.” 


“We are hoping for his quick recovery,” Tigges said. “We wish him well.” 


Board Chair Joe Morandi echoed Tigges sentiment. 


“We wish him all the best and we definitely miss him here,” he said. “We can’t wait for him to come back.”

Photo: Bob Hogan (File photo)


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