February 11 2020

Selectmen Approve Additional $500,000 for Snow and Ice Budget

By: Rich Hosford

Though it has been a relatively light year for snow the town’s budget for snow and ice removal still needs a bit of a boost. 


On Monday evening the Board of Selectmen voted to approve the authorization of an additional $500,000 for Department of Public Works operations for pre-treatment and subsequent clearing of snow and ice for the rest of the season. 


Town Administrator Paul Sagarino said that in the original FY20 budget, Town Meeting approved $350,000, as they do every year. However, this amount is normally below what eventually is needed but since this is one account that state law allows municipalities to overspend they keep the initial ask lower. On average, he said, the town spends roughly $800,000 per year on winter storms. 


Board Chair Joe Morandi said he gets asked by residents why the town goes through the entire snow budget every year, even when the weather has been mild. 


“We deal with this every year and will get questions about how we spent money so fast,” he said. “The materials we had to buy and the work for the snow we did have did it. $350,000 doesn’t go far in this modern world.”


Sagarino said that if the weather continues to be mild and the full $500,000 is not used any leftover funds will be returned to the General Fund. 


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