February 11 2020

Site Improvements Planned for Mary Cummings Park

By: Rich Hosford

There will soon be work underway on some improvements at Mary Cummings Park. 


The Board of Selectmen were given a presentation by The Trustees, a nonprofit that works in conservation and preservation and manages the park, of the plans for the park during Monday night’s meeting where they were filled in on some of the details. 


Katherine Macdonald of The Trustees said they were working to keep to the directive of Mary Cummings, who in her estate put the park in trust with the City of Boston. Cummins' vision was to ensure the park was “forever open as a public pleasure ground.”


Macdonald said the organization began with community outreach and studies of the needs for the park last June and came up with a master plan in September. Last month they completed the design and are now in the process of getting all the necessary permits for the work. She said they hope to go out to bid in March and do the construction in early June. They hope to host a celebration of the project in the fall. 


Macdonald said when they were working on the plan they held to four key goals: Creating a welcoming place, improving the trail conditions and maintenance of the park, improving parking and access to the park and improving the ecology of the site. 


The plans for the park include building a new parking lot with 20 spaces and bike racks. There will also be a new boardwalk, sponsored by Millipore, into the marsh. There will be a new, accessible, trail and improvements to the existing trails. They also plan to build a “pollinator meadow” in the park. 


Members of the Board of Selectmen seemed happy with the plan and expressed their willingness to be a resource for the project. 


“I couldn’t be happier,” Chairman Joe Morandi said. “ I love these types of areas. I think it’s a huge plus to the Town of Burlington and if there is anything we can do to help don’t hesitate to reach out.”


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