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Terry McSweeney Retires After 37 Years

Jimmy Carter was the President when Terry McSweeney became a member of the Burlington Board of Health.  Since then Terry...... Watch Video


Planning Board Votes to Support RMD Bylaw

The Planning Board voted to support a bylaw regarding the zoning of a Registered Marijuana Dispensary, or RMD.  The Planning...... Read More


BHS Seeks Funds for HVAC Repair

For the third year in a row the School Department is submitting a statement of interest to the Massachusetts School...... Read More


BACC Hosts Gubernatorial Candidates

Governor Deval Patrick has been serving the Commonwealth in that capacity since 2007 and has announced he will not be...... Watch Video


Muller Glen Development Hits Snag

The continuing controversy with the Muller Glen housing development at 36 Muller Road was back before the Planning Board this...... Watch Video


History Museum Experiencing Spring Flooding

April showers arrived a few days early this year dropping several inches of rain on Burlington last weekend.  There were...... Watch Video

Burlington Election Results

Town Election 2014 Results

Join Phil Gallagher for BCAT's Election Results Show.... Watch Video



SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, 2014


Absentee Ballots Available Now at Town Clerk's Office and will be mailed to those who have applied.  Voters may apply and vote in person or at the office. 


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Friday, April 11th at noon

ELIGIBILITY: Voters unable to vote at the polls on Election Day due to absence from the town during the hours the polls are open, physical disability or religious belief.


APPLICATIONS: A written request by the voter or any family member must be received by the Town Clerk by noon the day before the election. Voters may apply and vote in person at the Town Clerk's office or through the mail. If the ballot is to be mailed, apply far enough in advance so that the ballot can be mailed and returned by the close of the poll. Applications are also available at click the Voter Information link.


HOSPITALIZED VOTERS: Must have been admitted after noon of the 5th day before the election. Must apply themselves and designate in writing who may hand carry the ballot to them. Applications can be made anytime, however, the ballot must be returned by the close of the poll.



POLL HOURS: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM, Burlington High School, John Vanella Gym, April 12th 


Town Hall Hours are: 8:30-4:30 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8:30-7 PM Wednesday and 8:30-1 PM Friday

QUESTIONS?  Call 781-270-1660


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