February 28 2019

12 BHS Perform In Prestigious Northeastern Senior District Music Festival


A group of Burlington High School musicians had the opportunity to play at a historic festival that has a difficult and exacting audition process.


The Northeastern Senior District Festival took place recently at Lowell High School and  from a pool of 41 students from BHS that auditioned, 12 were accepted into this prestigious event.


“These auditions are extremely competitive and rigorous; congratulations to all who auditioned,” a blog post from Burlington Public Schools states.


Out of the 12, there were seven chorus students that made it into the performance. They are Katie Clifford, Paul Conti, Mikey Fazio, Cam Noonan, Luciano Szekely Corsi, Jensine Wagner and Erica Czerwinski.


The five band students that made it were Micaela DeFrancesco, Kaylin Frisaura, Mikaila Gnerre, Ben Green and Julia Margalit.


During the selection for Senior District Festival, outstanding students are invited to try out for All-State Festival, which features the best of Massachusetts, and one Burlington student made the cut.  


“We are happy to announce that Katie Clifford will be representing BHS at Symphony Hall in March,” the blog post says.


Photo courtesy of Burlington Public Schools



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