January 3 2020

All Burlington Businesses With Liquor Licenses Pass Police Check


It seems the message from the police and town leaders that restaurants and liquor stores must be vigilant to check idenfications when serving has been heeded. 


Chief Michael Kent reports that the Burlington Police Department recently completed alcohol compliance checks at all businesses holding liquor licenses in town and all of them passed the test. 


“Over the course of an evening last month, Burlington Police deployed undercover buyers to all of Burlington's licensed liquor establishments, and each one requested identification before completing the attempted purchases,” a release states. 


Police say the purpose of these compliance operations is to educate the licensees about the importance of complying with local and state laws and to remain vigilant in ensuring that no alcoholic beverages are sold to underage persons.


“I'm proud that all of our licensees successfully navigated this round of compliance checks,” Chief Kent said. “This is an important initiative that we conduct periodically to ensure that our licensees are doing their part to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.”


Anyone with questions about the compliance checks can contact Detective Sgt. Matthew Leary at 781-272-1212.


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