September 14 2020

Automated Outdoor Watering Ban Starts at End of Month

By: Rich Hosford

The automated watering season, already reduced to one day per week depending on addresses, will come to an end at the end of the month. 


The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on Monday night to implement a full outdoor watering ban via sprinkler systems starting on Wednesday, September 30 that will be in place until March 30. The decision came at the recommendation of DPW Director John Sanchez who said they need to close down the Mill Pond Reservoir Treatment Plant for routine maintenance and cleaning. 


Sanchez explained that to keep up capacity when the facility is shut down they need to make an emergency connection to the MWRA through Lexington. One of the requirements of making an emergency connection is to have a complete watering ban in place. 


Sanchez said they wanted to wait until the fall because most people stop watering around that time. He also said that hand held watering by hose is allowed. There are also some exemptions for new lawns, construction work that requires a lot of water and others. Residents are asked to call the Department of Public Works to get a waiver. 


Also this year, while the emergency connection is in place and the treatment facility is shut down, Sanchez said they will also be installing a new sediment system so in the future they won’t have to shut it down to clean out the sediment. This will mean that unless they have other repairs to make they won’t need to shut down for a couple of days every year.


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