August 28 2019

BACC Chamber President on Looming Plastic Bag Ban

By: Tad Stephanak

Burlington's ban on single-use plastic bags goes into effect on September 10, 2019. This bylaw will require retail establishments to provide reusable bags or recyclable paper bags to customers. 

BNEWS asked Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce President Rick Parker about how the BACC is preparing their members.

“We’ve been communicating it out to members, both through our newsletter and our website,” he said. “We’re working together with the town to try and make sure people are informed.” 

Parker noted the letter sent out to businesses by Town Administrator Paul Sagarino.

“I can’t really speak for what the town has done in their ability to reach out to all the businesses in town,” he explained. “So I don’t know what the breadth of their notification process has been other than to sending a letter out.” 

The BACC President spoke on compliance with the bylaw. 

“I think it’s one of those things that, until the date comes you don’t really know,” he said. “We hope everyone’s been notified.” 

Parker also commented on supermarkets, one of the biggest utilizers of bags. 

“Certainly from larger uses of the bags, the supermarkets are fully on board,” he explained. “This is one of those things that’s happening in a lot of communities. The larger supermarkets, they’ve already had it happening in certain communities, so they just look for the date and they roll it out before the ban date so there’s no chance of them having an issue with it.”

As far as Burlington businesses being in compliance by the due date Parker noted the bylaw has some leeway in regards to smaller businesses.

“Small businesses are given a period of time, if they think they have a hardship they can get an extension on that,” he said. 

Click here to view the notification on the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce website. 

Click this link to review the Town of Burlington’s plastic bag ban by law.


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