August 14 2017

BCAT Show to Study Importance of Vaccines


A BCAT television show created and produced by Burlington residents is tackling the issue of vaccines and their importance.


Be Prepared, a program made to support the work of the Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corp., has invited experts on vaccines, diseases and public health.

“Be Prepared is presenting to the public updated information on ‘The Importance of Vaccines,’ that will run on BCAT in August and September and will also be available online,” a notice on the new episode states.  


“Our guests are the distinguished highly respected Epidemiologists in Massachusetts,” the notice continues. “Dr DeMaria, is the Medical Director of the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences at the Department of Public Health, and is our State Epidemiologist, and also appearing is Dr. Craven the Chairman of the Center for Infectious Disease and Prevention at Lahey Hospital.  He is also an infectious disease medicine doctor who specializes in infections that are difficult to diagnose or unresponsive to treatments at Lahey Hospital.”


“They will be talking about why vaccines are important, and how they save lives. Also they will talk about the new vaccines for HPV, and other vaccines that are coming available such as Meningitis, Hepatitis, herpes, and more. According to both doctors, we will be living much longer due to all the upcoming vaccines that have proven to save lives, such as the polio vaccine.”


The episode will first run on Wednesday, August 16 at 9 p.m. on BCAT’s Public Channel (Comcast: 9, Verizon: 39, RCN: 3). You can see the full schedule here.


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