February 11 2019

BHS Art Teacher’s Work on Display at Local College Gallery



A Burlington art teacher has her work on display at a local college gallery and the public is invited to check it out.


Christina Change, an art teacher at Burlington High School, currently has her oil paintings on show at the RSM Art Gallery in Bentley University’s library. There will be an open Artist’s Reception on Wednesday, February 13 from 5 to 7 p.m. where Chang will be on hand to meet with viewers and discuss her work.


The collection is called “Saturation: Paintings by Christina Chang” and, as the artist herself explains, is a celebration of light and color.


“Color, light, energy, and movement all come to mind when thinking about why I create art,” she said in an artist statement for the gallery. “I am never at a loss for ideas and the desire to create and paint is in me every day. I enjoy challenging myself to come up with new color combinations and applying them to the canvas surface. I find the process mesmerizing and meditative.”


The paintings, created with water-soluble oil paints on canvas, are examples of Chang’s ever-changing and evolving style.


“Although I was trained classically, and created art in many forms and expressions, capturing color, light, and shapes are primary goals in my latest creations,” she explained. “My work has evolved and transformed from portraying landscapes through an impressionistic style to abstraction. I am currently painting works that emphasize light in new ways. A stroke of the brush and the application of bold color are what drives my art to come to life.”

The collection will be on display until March 8.


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