November 17 2016

BHS Conducts Lockdown Drill and K9 Drug Search


Burlington High School conducted a safety drill and drug check on Thursday and school officials are pleased to report both were a success. 


“This morning, Burlington High School conducted a lockdown drill,” Principal Mark Sullivan said in a blog post. “Our new emergency procedures were followed, and I am happy to report that everything went well.” 


During the lockdown drill, in coordination with the Burlington Police Department, a K9 search of the building and grounds was also conducted, Sullivan said. While students were in lockdown, hallways, lockers common areas, and student parking areas were searched.  


“I am pleased to report that there were no drugs were discovered in the school or on the grounds,” Sullivan reported. 


“While safety is always paramount, another important goal is to maintain and promote a healthy and drug-free school environment,” he continued. “Burlington High School Administration and the Burlington Police Department hope to send a clear message that drugs are not welcome at Burlington High School. The utilization of this K9 search is one part of a comprehensive plan that the school draws on to educate and discourage students from using illegal drugs.”


Sullivan said administrators hope that the drug check will encourage students to resist or discontinue any activity with illegal drugs. He also said moments like this are opportunities to discuss positive decision making and the serious consequences that making bad choices can have - such as the using of and/or bringing drugs to school. 

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