June 30 2020

BHS Librarian Honored with Award from Massachusetts School Library Association



A Burlington High School librarian has been recognized by a state organization for her work. 


“Congratulations to Burlington High School Teacher Librarian Callie Graham for being selected as one of three President's Award Winners by the Massachusetts School Library Association,” a blog post by Burlington Public Schools announced. 


According to the organization, the MSLA President's Award honors new school librarians making an impact on student learning.


“This award honors an MSLA member who is a ‘rising star’ and has a career of one to five years and has made a significant impact on student learning through a quality school library program,” the MSLA website explains. 


The MSLA says that nominees for the award should demonstrate “emerging excellence” in school librarianship in one or more of the following categories: 


- Inquiry: Explores engaging students in inquiry-based learning experiences.

- Inclusion: Explores providing an environment that is inviting, safe, flexible, and equitable and explores providing access to information that represents diverse points of view.

- Collaboration: Explores providing an environment in which collaboration, innovation, and creative problem solving thrive.

- Curation: Strives to provide a diverse collection of resources and explores how to remove barriers that may prohibit access to library resources.

- Exploration: Explores different instructional methods and technology.

- Engagement: Explores opportunities to promote the ethical use of information, respect of copyright, and ethical online behavior.


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