February 15 2017

BHS'S Spanish Exchange Program Shares Their Experiences From Spain

By: Robert Parris

Hola, Como Estas? Which translates in English to, “Hello, how are you doing?”


Burlington High School students and teachers from the Spanish exchange program are overseas for two weeks for an exotic and adventurous trip to Spain.


Students and teachers who are in Spain have been sharing their experiences on the high school blog website. This gives Burlington residents an opportunity to follow the trip.


There are many photos to see including this one right here taken by Shelia who says,


“One of my favorite experiences in Madrid today was the rowboats at the Parque del Retiro. The Parque del Retiro was so beautiful and I enjoyed walking down the seemingly endless rows of trees and shrubbery because I did not feel like I was in the middle of a bustling city.


The weather was also great as we finally saw the sun shine brightly along with a blue sky while in Spain.


The rowboats were my favorite part of the park because it was fun to spend time with my friends in them and enjoy the natural beauty of the scenery of the park together.”



Leila has been sharing her photos as well, she says,


“On Monday, we all went to the famous museum Prado and saw paintings by Velazquez, a little bit of Greco, and Goya. After that we walked to Retiro Park and got churros, went row boating, and looked around the gardens of the park.


We continued to walk throughout the park the whole day and saw many different fountains, animals, and monuments. We visited a building called the Glass Palace which is completely made up of glass and took many photos, then finished up our walk to the train station and went home.”





The students and staff are still enjoying themselves in Spain and they are due back to Burlington the week after February Vacation. We hope everyone is having a wonderful time.


You can check out other posts and photos taken by students at the Burlington High School Spanish exchange program blog website.

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