March 25 2020

BHS Student Raises Money for Recyclable Tennis Balls Program

By: Robert Parris

Rahanis Park will be a little bit greener when you step on and off the court. Last fall BHS Junior Matt Tengtrakool organized a fundraiser to help raise money for recyclable tennis bins. You can watch that video here  



Photo courtesy of Matt Tengtrakool



Matt couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishment that he has made.“It represents the community working together to address and create real noticeable change in our environment,” Tengtrakool said. “It is truly a rewarding experience to put hard work and dedication into a campaign and have it be successful and impactful.”


The money raised in this fundraiser took a couple of months with the help of the community and getting the work out to people around town. 


“It took around 2 months to raise the money for this fundraiser,” Tengtrakool said. “The money raised was from the generous donations from local community members.” 


Lastly, Matt hopes that this will inspire other kids to go green. 


“I hope that people will remember that their little actions can go a long way in helping the environment,” Tengtrakool said. “ I hope that this project inspires others, especially young people who want to make an impact, to explore  ways to improve the environments in our community.”


Lastly, the new recyclable tennis bins will be available to use in the coming months at Rahanis Park. Matt would also like to thank everyone at BCAT for help spreading the word and giving traction to the campaign. 


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