April 11 2018

BHS Students Hosting Veterans Social

By: Rich Hosford

A group of Burlington High School is interested in meeting Burlington’s veterans and has set up an event to speak with them over a cup of coffee.

Burlington’s Veterans Affairs sent out an invitation for a Veterans Social that will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, April 13 in the high school cafeteria. The event is free and open to all veterans in town. Coffee and donuts donated by the Dunkin Donuts on Cambridge Street will be served.

“Come join some of our amazing Burlington High School students that are holding a Veterans Social at the Burlington High School Cafeteria,” the invite states.

Burlington Veterans Affairs Director Chris Hanafin said the program was thought up by students in Krista Shalkoski’s Leadership and Social Change class.

“I met with them a few months ago and they were wondering what they can do for veterans,” Hanafin explained. “I told them that most elderly folks and veterans like to sit down and have a cup of coffee and socialize. They came back a couple of weeks ago and told me they wanted to put on a Veterans Social.”

Hanafin said he thinks programs like this are beneficial for both veterans and students.

“One of the things I say to a lot of the veterans is that some of them have a misperception that young people don’t care about the elderly or history,” he said. “I told the veteran groups  that these kids approached me, that they want to hear your stories because they are interested.”

That interest is a good thing, Hanafin said.  

“What better way to figure out how the older generation thinks and acst than sitting down with a cup of coffee and talking to them?” he said. “It is important for them to realize what people their age went through 50, 60, 70 years ago. It also gives students thinking of joining the military an opportunity to hear different perspectives outside of mine or a recruiter’s.”


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