October 11 2016

BHS Students Win "Most Entrepreneurial" at New England Hacking Competition


A group of computer savvy Burlington High School seniors won a top mark at a New England region hacking competition this past weekend. 


According to a post on BHS Principal Mark Sullivan’s blog, the five-member team won “Most Entrepreneurial” during the hackNEHS competition held at the Microsoft Sales and Technology Center here in Burlington on Saturday. The win garnered the students a $500 prize for each of them. 


The team was made up of Aadil Islam, Mohammad (Saif) Shaikh, Brian Pukmel, Logan D’Auria and Souleiman Benhida, all seniors. Their winning entry was a Ping-Pong/Racquetball game played against the computer. 


HackNEHS is a competition where teams work together to build software using many tools, APIs, and products. At the end of the event, judges provide feedback and prizes to the best hacks. 


The BHS Team (Courtesy photo)



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