March 11 2018

BNEWS Storm Center: Closings, Useful Phone Numbers, Shoveling Safety


Closings (as of 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday)

With the storm continuing some closings have been announced.

Thus far, here is what we know is closed on Wednesday:

- Burlington Public Schools

Useful Numbers

For Emergencies call 911

For power outages DO NOT call 911 or the Burlington police dispatch. The police ask you call NSTAR at (800) 592-2000 to report an outage or check on power connection status.

Highway: (781) 270-1676 and (781) 270-1677

Comcast: (800) 266-2278

Verizon: (800) 837-4966

RCN: (866) 832-4726

Ned’s Towing and Service: (781) 272-0164


Shoveling/Snow blowing Safety Tips:

Cold weather can make physical exertion more difficult, so residents should be mindful of their personal limits. The Burlington Fire Department suggests the following tips to remain safe while shoveling snow this winter:

- Do not shovel after eating or while smoking.

- Shovel slowly and stretch before beginning.

- Shovel snow when it’s fresh and is at its lightest.

- Push the snow rather than lifting it, and if you must lift it then keep loads light.

- Lift with your legs, not your back.

- Do not work to the point of exhaustion

The Burlington Fire Department also asks residents to remain cautious when using snow blowers, which can cause serious injury or death if used improperly. According to the National Safety Council, residents should:

- Turn off their snow blowers if it jams.

- Keep your hands away from moving parts, and never use your hands to clear the area around the blades.

- Do not use a snow blower after consuming alcohol.

- Do not run a snow blower in an enclosed space, due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

- Never refuel a snow blower while the engine is running.

“Residents should also be mindful of the fact that their elderly neighbors are more at risk of suffering snow-related injuries and, if they are able, should offer to assist with snow removal,” the department says.


Original Storm Warning

The storm watch has become a warning.



The National Weather Service (NWS) on Monday raised its response to an incoming storm by issuing a Winter Storm Warning that will be in effect from 11 p.m. on Monday until 8 p.m. on Tuesday. The warning covers central, eastern and southeastern Massachusetts as well as all of Rhode Island.

During this time the NWS says heavy snowfall is expected with total accumulations of 12 to 16 inches, with localized amounts up to 19 inches.

“Near blizzard conditions are possible,” the NWS states. “Travel will be very difficult. 1 to 3 inch per hour snowfall rates are possible at times along with blowing and drift snow during the Tuesday morning commute. The Tuesday afternoon commute is also expected to be impacted. Be prepared for significant reductions in visibility at times. Tree branches could fall due to strong winds.”

A Winter Storm Warning for snow means severe winter weather conditions will make travel very hazardous or impossible. If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.


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