September 8 2017

Board of Health Show Celebrate its Anniversary


The following is a press release from the Board of Health


This September marks the second anniversary of the creation of “Be Prepared”.  “Be Prepared” is a local show on Burlington’s cable access television created by Sandra Voltero, a member of the Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corps (BVRC). 


The BVRC is a volunteer organization sponsored by the Burlington Board of Health.  The “Be Prepared” show supports the mission of the BVRC to assist and support the Board of Health in public health initiatives and in declared and undeclared public health emergencies to improve the health and safety of the residents of our community. 


Sandra Voltero developed the idea for the show two years ago to educate the public on how to be prepared on matters of health, wellness, and safety.  She is the producer, creative director, and host of the show.  Sandra’s vision for the show is to assemble a panel of experts in various fields to provide different perspectives on the topic being discussed. 


Over the past two years, she has produced sixteen shows with leading experts in health and preparedness, including Dr. Alfred DeMaria, MA DPH Medical Director, Assistant District Attorney Marian Ryan, and representatives from the Federal and Massachusetts Emergency Management Agencies. 


“I find it very rewarding to educate the public and be able to bring them this important information and to help them be prepared”, Sandra stated. 


“In addition, because this information is so important, I am happy that the shows are also on so that people across the country can get this information as well. I am also grateful that Burlington Cable Access Television (BCAT) provides the equipment and facilities to allow me to produce these shows.”


“The Burlington Board of Health is very appreciative to Sandra for all the work that she has accomplished on “Be Prepared””, Susan Lumenello, Director of Public Health stated. “She is an incredible asset to the Board of Health, the BVRC, and the residents of Burlington.”


“Be Prepared” can be seen on Burlington’s Cable Access Television or on To view the television schedule go to and to view on visit


If you are interested in finding out more about the BVRC and working on the “Be Prepared” show, please call the Board of Health at 781-270-1955.

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