October 9 2019

Burlington AMC Gets Temporary Reprieve of Condition in Alcohol License Agreement

By: Tad Stephanak

Burlington’s movie theater was granted a temporary easing of one condition in its alcohol license agreement with the town. 

Kate Boucher, General Manager of the Burlington AMC movie theater, was before the Board of Selectmen to propose relaxing the conditions of AMC’s alcohol compliance agreement. 

As it stands one of the conditions of AMC having a liquor license is that an Alcohol Compliance Monitor be present in the auditoriums to make sure alcoholic beverages aren’t being passed off to other people. Boucher explained their desire to adjust the responsibilities of this position.   

“The condition states right now that this person is not allowed to do anything else, including picking up a napkin or holding a broom or helping in any other capacity,” she stated. “We are gearing up for a very slow movie theater year, so the topic came up in our budgets. And having this person not be able to provide any other services to our guests has put a financial burden on this location in particular.”

Boucher explained to the Board that Monday through Thursday are slower days at the theater and they’d like the Alcohol Compliance Monitor to be able to do more during those days. 

Board of Selectmen Chair Joe Morandi noted that he and fellow board member Bob Hogan spoke with Burlington Chief of Police Michael Kent on the matter and the Chief is in favor of the Alcohol Compliance Monitor still monitoring but being able to do other jobs Monday through Thursday on a trial basis. Morandi voiced his approval of the policy change. 

“Trying to help the movie theater out, I think this is good idea,” Morandi said.

Town Administrator Paul Sagarino informed the Board on how to approach the change of conditions.

“We would be suspending that part of the policy for three months,” Sagarino stated. “Then revisit it to determine whether to change the policy or keep it the same way it is.”

Boucher noted the already continued presence and monitoring in the auditoriums. 

“We already have people going into these auditoriums to deliver food,” Boucher said. “We’re active as management and with our leadership teams going into the theaters to make sure people aren’t on their phones and not causing disruptions anyway. So there are eyes already in those auditoriums on any given day.”

The Board of Selectmen voted 4-0-0 to allow the AMC Alcohol Compliance Monitor to perform other tasks Monday through Thursday besides the monitoring of alcohol consumption in auditoriums for 90 days. At the end of the three month trial basis the Board will consider making the change in policy permanent. 


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